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Subject: Re: if conditions again

> Andrew Fedoniouk:
>> 2) Media queries already support requesting capabilities of UA, e.g.
>> current @media (color) {} is exactly
>> @media supports(color) {}
> Running on a visual device that supports multi-color output is a very 
> different thing from parsing and interpreting the ‘color’ property or any 
> ‘<color>’ type correctly or from implementing the ‘Color’ module from any 
> level of CSS – which is what ‘supports’ is aimed at (as far as I read).
> Employing Media Queries you can query information about the media being 
> rendered onto, not about the renderer itself. Hence the name.

UA that renders print preview of document *on screen* will enable @media 
print {} sections and disable @media screen {}.
So @media is about capabilities of UA to render the document on given view. 
That is not exactly output device capabilities.

For example on e-book with electronic ink displays I see great value of 
something like this:
@media handheld and not supports(transition)
as e-inks in principle cannot do animations.

Andrew Fedoniouk


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