Re: [css3-fonts] How to handle download error in case of multiple @font-face for a font-family?

On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 5:55 AM, John Daggett <> wrote:
> Yuzo Fujishima wrote:
>> /* Second */
>> @font-face {
>> font-family:myfont;
>> src: url(DownloadErrorNumber.ttf); /* Assume this causes a download error */
>> unicode-range: U+30-39;
>> }
>> What should happen if DownloadErrorNumber.ttf is unavailable and causes
>> a download error for the second rule? Should we:
>> (A) Ignore only the second rule, i.e., the first and the third rules
>>     remain in effect , or
>> (B) Ignore all the rules for the same font family, i.e., ignore all the three?
> It looks like the definition of the @font-face 'src' descriptor needs to
> be clearer about this, the intent is that if all the values in the src
> list fail for whatever reason that face is ignored, the effect is
> equivalent to the omitting the @font-face rule definition (option (A) in
> your list.

Agreed that (A) is definitely what's desired, and that the prose needs
some clarity on the matter.


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