vendor prefix properties diverging from official properties

I have no opinion on any of the rest of this dispute; however,

Sylvain Galineau <> wrote:
> 2) For the nth time, no "additional feature" has been required here,
> at least by me. If you want to use your browser's corner gradient
> support you'd stick to -<vendor>-border-radius, which is all that
> exists today.

I think divergence in behavior between -<vendor>-<property> and
the unprefixed <property> is a terrible idea.  From the implementor
side, we want the vendor-prefix name to be a trivial alias for the
unprefixed name.  From the Web author side, they want to write the
unprefixed property and its value, then copy and paste it for every
vendor they care about, add the prefixes, and be done -- especially,
not have to worry about one of them doing something slightly different
than the others.

Divergence in *syntax* may be necessary for backward compatibility
with in-the-wild uses of -<vendor>-<property>, but should otherwise be
avoided too.


Received on Thursday, 25 February 2010 00:15:49 UTC