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Le Dim 26 décembre 2010 17:55, Andrew Fedoniouk a écrit :
> Here is the link:
> it contains referential button that you can try. Please do this in IE as
other browsers did not manage to make button press right, I suspect for
reasons that I've mentioned.
> And now click on button-alike-span - that is how it should be done
> (consider this as requirement at least).
> As you see I was forced to use <span><label>text</label></span> but I
would like to avoid use of that label element - it is redundant. Ideally
CSS should allow to do such simple things.


On top of what I said, you may want to have a look to

Button Background Shift On :active Bug (IE8 bug)


:active pseudo-class not triggered on link text wrapped in an element in IE8

> what is your IE setting for styling display of form controls in
such IE version??

By that, I meant: Tools/Internet Options.../Advanced tab/Browsing
category/Enable visual style on buttons and controls in webpages

When a button is activated, it should look as if it is inset or as if it
has been depressed into the canvas and that's it: there is no accurate
specific rules to follow. Most browsers just switch the border around the
buttons from outset or solid to inset or toggle 2 system colors
( for border and for

regards, Gérard
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