Re: [CSS3-text] text-underline-position and superscript

2010/12/26 Ambrose LI <>:
>> From what I understand, what Charles wants is to fix underlines for superscript and subscript. I agree that what current browsers do today seems odd, but I'm not sure if we need more values to text-underline-position.
> What Charles proposed are ways to specify how the constant underline
> position in #1 should be determined. Perhaps there can be ways to get
> rid of the proposed keywords, but his proposal is a good analysis
> (without considering the requirements for the Chinese typography) of
> what we will need to deal with when we need the browser to figure out
> a constant position for the underlining.

I've hit the Send button too soon. Actually what Charles proposed also
includes keywords to indicate what to do when we want super/subscripts
to move (i.e., when we explicitly don't want to keep a constant
underline position). That is, the keywords address both #1 and #2 for
the non-Chinese cases.


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