Re: [css3-text] alternate name for line-break: newspaper

fantasai wrote:

> While that list seems reasonable in isolation, I don't think
> "line-break: minimal" carries the right connotation: it seems
> to mean "minimize line breaks".

> "Loose" can be used in the sense of "not strict"; I think it's
> good enough for here.

I have the same connotative problem with 'line-break: loose' as you have 
with 'line-break: minimal'. It suggests something different to me.

> If we need to add a third level, we can call it "lenient" or "relaxed"

> line-break: normal | strict | loose | relaxed

I would switch those around (with the final three in order from 
strictest to least strict):

line-break: normal | strict | relaxed | loose

It's like shopping for jeans: relaxed fit comes before loose fit.

Since the idea of the least strict style is a minimal set of 
restrictions, how about

line-break: normal | strict | relaxed | basic


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