Re: [CSS21] 4.3.2 Lengths (reference pixel?)

I think, meanwhile most comments about this subject
are off topic from the contradiction/inconsistency issue.
I think it would be better to discuss them either with
a new comment about the current CSS2.1 or in case
this applies with a new discussion about the related
CSS3 draft. New features in a CSS3 do not help to
solve the current problem in the CSS2.1 draft - and
to separate different issues about the lengths problem
may help to improve the CSS2.1 draft in separate
steps - typically it is not a good idea to try to fix quite
different things with only one screw.
I think, it does not solve the problem discussed here
to add even more complexity with only somehow
related issues, which are not part of the current
CSS2.1 problem.


Received on Thursday, 16 December 2010 10:17:00 UTC