[CSS 2.1] WD 07 Dec. 2010: section 15.3 on unquoted font family names with sequences of white spaces





The sentence which used to say
If quoting is omitted, any white space characters before and after the
font name are ignored and any sequence of white space characters inside
the font name is converted to a single space.

has been removed in latest WD. Why?

I sincerly believe it should remain, be kept as it was.

Right now, the latest WD emphasizes quoting font-family names with special
characters (punctuation, white spaces) and/or with reserved words. But it
does not state (as it previous version) how to deal, how to parse font
name with sequences of white spaces before and/or inside and/or after font
family names.

There are testcases [see 1] in current version of CSS 2.1 test suite which
were putting to test (mettre à l'épreuve) the beforementioned quote.


+CC: Arron Eicholz, public-css-testsuite@w3.org

regards, Gérard
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