[css3-ruby] The ruby display types

I find the current Ruby display types troublesome.

Right now in WebKit we simply don't support the display types at all.  One of the reasons for this is that there is behavior we support that can't be achieved just using the defined set of display types.

In WebKit, Ruby can be positioned or floated, and when this happens it becomes block-level.  However ruby has no such display type defined.  What is display:ruby? Is it block? Is it inline? Is it both?  It's not clear what an engine is supposed to do with:

ruby { position: absolute }


ruby { float: left }


ruby { display: "i want to be a block!" }

without a block-level display type for Ruby.

The above constructs work in WebKit because we just let Ruby use normal display types (inline, block, and even inline-block).

It doesn't feel right to me that "rubiness" should be lost just because the Ruby becomes block-level.

I'd like to propose that ruby support two display types: ruby and block-ruby.  The former is inline by default and the latter is the display type for block-level Ruby.  I'm willing to lose support for inline-block Ruby, since I don't think it is really necessary.


Received on Monday, 6 December 2010 20:46:15 UTC