Re: [css-ruby] inline value for bopomofo

>> It provides a similar function to the value 'none' in other
>> properties. Where a user agent's default style sheet handles
>> ruby by positioning above/below the base it overrides that
>> *but also* makes ruby parens visible.
> That can be done by explicitly making the ruby parens visible.
>  rt, rp { display: inline; }

What should be the default line breaking behavior here? Let me assume  
that it's the normal line breaking behavior.

But for,


where, "B" and "D" are ruby text and "A" and "C" are ruby base. What  
do I do if I don't want line breaking chances between A(B)? Do I have  
to mark up this as


and styled as

ruby {white-space: no-wrap;} ?

Or can we spec this behavior to happen when

ruby {display: ruby;} rb {display: ruby-base;} rt {display: inline; }

(This is very non-intuitive though.) and the normal inline behavior to  
happen with a single switch, that is

ruby {display: inline;} ?

Could this be a use case for 'ruby-position: inline' ?


Received on Saturday, 4 December 2010 10:49:14 UTC