Re: [css3-text] text-emphasis marks in Tibetan

Richard Ishida wrote:

> For more on this (and perhaps a relevant question ;) see 

Thanks. I shall investigate.

> Note that in my example one of the emphasis marks is placed such that it 
> straddles two characters (the one to the far right) in order to appear 
> in the centre of a syllable. This is presumably would be much harder to 
> do using Unicode characters embedded in the string itself...

We had the same issue with the masora circle mark in Hebrew. The work 
around in that case was that a user could choose to have the mark 
positioned between two letters, instead of the default positioning over 
the preceding letter, by inserting a ZWNJ control character before the 
mark.* I'm doubtful that would work in a more complex script in which 
ZWNJ might have a defined shaping role.

*See page 15 of the SBL Hebrew user manual:


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