Re: [CSS 2.1] cases that do not pass in any browser

On 8/22/10 5:47 AM, Peter Moulder wrote:
>> At the very least some sort
>> of special-casing would have to be performed where some things
>> inherit from the :first-line and some other things that clearly
>> should don't.
> That sounds like a single "if (in-flow)" test.

Plus a separate codepath for each of the branches, each with 
yet-to-be-defined behavior, right?  In particular the "not in-flow" 
codepath involves inheriting from something other than the parent.... 
Or something.

> Of course in any case, implementation cost isn't the only criterion for the
> decision.  Authoring/viewing issues are also relevant.


> However, I'm still moved by the argument that a float shouldn't change its
> colour when the window is resized

But text somewhere in the document should?  Why?

> that a float's styling shouldn't depend on whether its invisible reference happens to fall on the first line

It already does (for example its vertical position depends on this).

> that authors don't actually intend for :first-line styling to affect floats.

 From what I can tell, authors intend a wide variety of (generally 
incompatible) things...

In practice, I would expect that to a first approximation authors just 
never use first-line on blocks with floats in them.  Otherwise they 
would have been complaining about the inconsistent behavior.


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