Re: [css3-multicol] test suite

On 08/18/2010 10:43 AM, Håkon Wium Lie wrote:
> Also sprach fantasai:
>   >  >    >   I also think that content should be able to overflow the column
>   >  >    >   box, e.g. if we have a height-constrained column, then content
>   >  >    >   that is too tall should overflow the column box (and thus be taller
>   >  >    >   than the column rule).
>   >  >
>   >  >  So, you're saying that the column box will never stick outside the
>   >  >  content box of the multicol element? This is what the current spec
>   >  >  dictates, but one that Robert disagrees with, I believe.
>   >
>   >  Not necessarily. You could define, for example, that balancing columns
>   >  causes the column boxes to match the balanced height of the contents,
>   >  whether that height is more or less than the height of the multicol box.
> Let's see. Consider this pseudo-markup:
>    <div class=height-constrained-multicol>....<img class=tall>  ....</div>
> Are you saying that the height of the column boxes will depend on the
> value of the 'column-fill'? So that, 'column-fill: balance' makes them
> taller than the multicol box and 'column-fill: auto' makes them as
> tall as the multicol box?
> That doesn't make much sense to me, so you must be thinking of
> something else :)

I'm saying that's a possibility. :) I'm not sure what the right answer
is here, but if you want column rules to match the height of the content
in the balancing case, then you would want the column boxes to be as
high as the content. But there are many options here. You might not want
that. I have a strong opinion on how things should behave in the non-balancing
case, specifically, that column boxes should be as high as the multicol box's
height and the rules should be drawn accordingly. I have less of an opinion
on the balancing case. You might want to draw the rules at the balance height,
whether that height is overflowing the box or not. You might want to do that,
but make the rules a minimum of the multicol box height. Or you might want to
make the rules always be the multicol box height.

>   >  >  If we chose this option, I also think we should specify that wide rules
>   >  >  will be clipped by the content box, and that rules entirely outside
>   >  >  the content box should not be drawn.
>   >
>   >  Rules entirely outside the content box should be clipped iff overflow
>   >  so dictates. Otherwise you could have a height-constrained element with
>   >  overflowing columns marching off to the right, but the rules between
>   >  them mysteriously disappear.
> Yes. But the background color, if set on the multicol element, will
> also disappear.

True. But I don't really see a strong argument for clipping the rules if the
content is not also clipped.


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