Re: [css3-multicol] test suite

Also sprach fantasai:

 > >   >  I also think that content should be able to overflow the column
 > >   >  box, e.g. if we have a height-constrained column, then content
 > >   >  that is too tall should overflow the column box (and thus be taller
 > >   >  than the column rule).
 > >
 > > So, you're saying that the column box will never stick outside the
 > > content box of the multicol element? This is what the current spec
 > > dictates, but one that Robert disagrees with, I believe.
 > Not necessarily. You could define, for example, that balancing columns
 > causes the column boxes to match the balanced height of the contents,
 > whether that height is more or less than the height of the multicol box.

Let's see. Consider this pseudo-markup:

  <div class=height-constrained-multicol>.... <img class=tall> ....</div>

Are you saying that the height of the column boxes will depend on the
value of the 'column-fill'? So that, 'column-fill: balance' makes them
taller than the multicol box and 'column-fill: auto' makes them as
tall as the multicol box?

That doesn't make much sense to me, so you must be thinking of
something else :)

 > > If we chose this option, I also think we should specify that wide rules
 > > will be clipped by the content box, and that rules entirely outside
 > > the content box should not be drawn.
 > Rules entirely outside the content box should be clipped iff overflow
 > so dictates. Otherwise you could have a height-constrained element with
 > overflowing columns marching off to the right, but the rules between
 > them mysteriously disappear.

Yes. But the background color, if set on the multicol element, will
also disappear.

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