Re: [CSS21] Distinguishing block boxes, block containers, and block-level elements

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 07:30:00PM -0700, fantasai wrote:
> On 08/10/2010 09:10 AM, Anton Prowse wrote:
> >
> >So a table caption is not a block level element.
> The details of table-* formatting is left to Chapter 17. The lists
> are worded to be non-exclusive, so that other chapters (and future
> specifications) can specify whether other types of boxes generate
> block-level boxes, inline-level boxes, block containers, or other
> things defined here.

If using non-exclusive lists, then we need to make sure that for each 'display'
value there's text that says whether or not it makes an element or box
block-level, or inline-level, or a block container box or whatever.
In particular, I don't think that silence is enough to infer that something
is neither block-level nor inline-level.

It may help to say that no inline-level boxes or elements are block-level, so
that saying that something is block-level also serves to answer the question of
whether or not it's inline-level.

Another wording trick would be to give a complete list, but say that it's only
complete for the values of 'display' defined in CSS2.1.

Something that may be relevant to this discussion is that I've found that if
I have a 'table-row' element as a child of an 'inline' element then some user
agents (WebKit and Opera but not Gecko; though non-current versions in each
case) seem to apply anonymous block boxes ( to the situation for some
reason, whereas my understanding of the spec is that it's intended for this to
result in an anonymous inline-table box.  Using anonymous blocks could be
justified if there were no text that explicitly said that 'table-row' elements
don't result in a block-level box.

A more extreme (at the risk of being less believable) example is that given


we don't want the two spans to be given block-level treatment on the grounds
that nothing in the spec says that 'inline' can't be a block-level box.

> >Can there be more than on caption box per table? Chapter 17 seems
> >pretty confused on the matter, although HTML401 explicitly forbids the
> >possibility of multiple captions.

HTML401 forbids the possibility of multiple <caption> elements, but
doesn't forbid the possibility of multiple elements with display:table-caption.

That said, none of the user agents I've tested actually render
multiple display:table-caption elements in a given table,
so I wonder whether CSS2.1 will end up not requiring
multiple captions to be displayed.


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