Re: [Ltru] font features in CSS

2009/10/30 "Martin J. Dürst" <>

>                         (OT)    (ISO)
>> Chinese Hong Kong       ZHH     zho
>> Chinese Phonetic        ZHP     zho
>> Chinese Simplified      ZHS     zho
>> Chinese Traditional     ZHT     zho
you are comparing apples and oranges ,as the expression goes. The ISO
language codes and BCP47 are about languages.

The table from teh OT spec is NOT a language idfentifier. It identifies what
the OT spec refers to as a language system. According to the spec:

"Language system tags identify the language systems supported in a OpenType
Layout font. What is meant by a “language system” in this context is a set
of typographic conventions for how text in a given script should be
presented. Such conventions may be associated with particular languages,
with particular genres of usage, with different publications, and other such

The language system tag could map to one language, to multiple languages,
and in unexpected ways. Grouping commonalities in orthographic
representation and typesetting traditions are the core aspect as far as I
can tell, rather than language identification.

At least thats my partial understanding.


Andrew Cunningham
Vicnet Research and Development Coordinator
State Library of Victoria

Received on Saturday, 31 October 2009 14:55:28 UTC