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Also sprach Sylvain Galineau:

 > "Column rules are only drawn between columns that have content."
 > Assuming column 2's entire content did not fit e.g. an image and
 > needs to overflow to the next page, I assume column 2 is considered
 > to have content in this case.
 > [1]

After thinking about this for some time, I've reached the opposite
position: if some content doesn't appear in a column -- for whatever
reason -- it shouldn't be considered to be there for the purpose of
deciding if column rules should be drawn or not. 

The primary reason is that column rules are visual distinctions
between content in columns; it the content has been moved, the visual
distinction isn't necessary any more.

This view, however, isn't strongly held and I can live with the
opposite conclusion. 

I've added this example to the editor's draft to illustrate:

  If a tall image is moved to a column on the next page to find room for
  it, its natural column may be left empty. If so, the column is
  considered empty for the purpose of deciding if the column rule should
  be drawn or not.

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