Re: [css3-selectors] LC Issues #1

Anton Prowse wrote:
> Congratulations on a very solid-looking specification!
> Here are the things that I noticed when reading through the document.
> (Trivial editorial issues are listed separately at the end.)
> 6.3. Attribute selectors
> (
> :
>   # [att~=val]     Represents an element with the att attribute whose
>   # value is a whitespace-separated list of words, one of which is
>   # exactly "val". If "val" contains whitespace, it will never represent
>   # anything (since the words are separated by spaces). Also if "val" is
>   # the empty string, it will never represent anything.
> Issue 1:  Intuitively one might expect that if "val" were the empty
> string it would represent an element with the att attribute whose value
> is the empty string, rather than fail to represent anything.  (HTML5
> currently proposes that <img>, <img alt=""> and <img alt="bar"> have
> different semantics, for example, and so there is a use case for such
> matching.)  If such matching is truly not permitted, perhaps it is worth
> explicitly stating that.  (The equivalent situation with the
> substring-matching attribute selectors seems reasonable as specified,
> however.)

See bz's response:

I'm going to close this issue as no change. Please let me know if you


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