Re: Border-Images and 'round': CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3

On Oct 2, 2009, at 10:44 PM, fantasai wrote:

> If I was better with graphics I'd draw a picture to illustrate  
> this. :)

Did you see my link, where I was trying to illustrate a similar point?

I was trying to show how much something could be distorted if it was  
just a little bigger than 2 tiles, so that 3 would get squished in.  
Then, for balance, I did the opposite and showed how 2 tile could be  
stretched to nearly the size of 3 tiles. They were distorted either  
way, and the stretched ones were not noticeably worse looking than the  
squished ones. With a straight-up rounding, the distortion wouldn't be  
more than about half the extremes of what I show here.

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