Re: bolder/lighter defintion

>>> Just to clear up any possible misunderstanding on my part. Assuming
>>> the used font has weights 100, 200, 300 and 400, and the parent
>>> element is set to use font-weight 100, then 'bolder' for a
>>> descendent element will still map to 200. Correct ? Or will it
>>> always go to 400 ?
>> No, the bolder/lighter calculation here is independent of the font
>> family, it will always jump to 400 if the parent element has weight
>> 100, irregardless of the set of weights available for any given
>> family.
> Hmm. Ok. This does mean that Gecko and WebKit will need to change
> their implementation. At least on OS X 10.5, 'bolder' goes from 100 to
> 200 and so on. Which is quite intuitive.

Yes, implementations would need to change.  But this will need to happen
to some extent since the behavior today is not clearly defined and there
are subtle differences in implementations.

It's a fine point but Gecko only goes from 100 to 200 if faces for both
weights exist, but that's probably what you meant.


Received on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 01:05:04 UTC