[CSS 2.1] redundant note in font-size (15.7)

The 2004 version of CSS 2.1 had a table of suggested scaling factors[2] 
between the font sizes from 'xx-small' to 'xx-large', with a note that 
explained there was no longer a fixed factor, just a set of suggested 
factors. We then decided to remove those suggested factors and instead 
add a note saying that just there is no fixed factor. But we forgot to 
remove the old note.

So now there are two notes, both of which say that there is no longer a 
fixed factor. In addition, the second, old, note says there are 
suggested factors, which is not true.

I suggest we drop that second note, called "Note 2" in the spec[1]. And 
remove the "1" from "Note 1" just above it.


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