Re: [css3-transitions] Spec should mention mismatch in list lengths

On Monday 2009-05-18 11:29 -0700, Chris Marrin wrote:
> We follow the CSS rules for the background property, described in CSS3:

Except the rules for 'background' layers have been changed so that
the number of layers is the number of values for 'background-image':

> We follow this literally, so your last two examples would actually  
> produce 4 transitions, with the 'color' property being duplicated. This 
> would reduce back down to 3 transitions because the first 'color'  
> property animation would be overridden by the second. So in your last  
> example you'd end up with a color transition of 9738 seconds.
> I think this is the appropriate way to interpret this rule. Adding  
> special cases (as in your rules 2 and 3) just gives authors more things 
> to remember.

I don't think it's particularly hard to remember that the number of
transitions is the number of values of 'transition-property', which
is really all I was proposing.


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