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Column-span prevously allowed values other than '1' and 'all' but it was scaled down because of added  complexity of cases where span has more columns than available.

IMO the property in its current form is unnecessary. All use cases I can think of are covered by either page floats in GCPM or nested multicolumn elements.

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Subject: [css3-multicol] column-span property

Hello community,

[CSS3COL] specifies a new property column-span to have a static, non-floating element span multiple columns.
I would like to see the capabilities of column-span extended to:
* Be allowed for floating boxes and maybe others as well if applicable.
* Allow percentages.

If a floating box has its column-span property set, the column-span property specifies how many columns the floating box should span. For a floating box, either the width or the column-span property can be set. If both are set, the column-span property takes precedence. The column-span property is an alternative way to set the width taking the size of the column-gap into account. The effective width calculated on the base of the column-span is: 
width := column-span * column-width + floor(left + column-span / 100%) * column-gap.

* A float with left:0%; and column-span:200%; should span two columns including the gap between them.
* A float with left:50%; and column-span:200%; should span three columns, starting in the middle of the first of those three and ending in the middle of the last of those three, including two gaps between them.

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