[css3-transitions] distinguishing duration and delay in 'transition' shorthand

The 'transition' shorthand property is currently defined at
using the syntax:

  [<transition-property> || <transition-duration> ||
  <transition-timing-function> || <transition-delay> [,
  [<transition-property> || <transition-duration> ||
  <transition-timing-function> || <transition-delay>]]* 

This provides no way to distinguish between <transition-duration>
and <transition-delay>.  The shorthand needs to have a more rigid
syntax (e.g., an ordering constraint, or an inability to specify one
of the subproperties) than the one given in order to be unambiguous.

While on the topic, it would probably be good if all four properties
defined a grammar production for a single value in the list so that:
 (1) the productions in the above would actually be pointing to
     something, and
 (2) the syntax for the longhand properties could be simplified to,
     e.g., <transition-timing-function> [, <transition-timing-function>]*


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Received on Friday, 15 May 2009 21:20:49 UTC