Re: Should implementors copy vendor prefixes from each other?

On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 2:42 PM, Andrew Fedoniouk
<> wrote:
> Alexis Deveria wrote:
>> How about if all browsers supported a -*- prefix (as well as their
>> original prefix), that would map to the appropriate prefix used by the
>> browser?
>> That way users could just do this:
>> -*-border-radius: 10px;
>> And Webkit browsers would see -webkit-border-radius, Opera would see
>> -o-border-radius, etc.
> Why not to support just 'border-radius' then? So it will be resolved to
> -webkit-border-radius or -o-border-radius ... If such resolution is needed
> at all.

Because that essentially means you're not using prefixes at all.  A
-*-foo syntax at least means that the author is acknowledging that
they're asking for the experimental version, which prevents the
problem that prefixes were designed to solve from arising (mistakes
being locked-in due to in-the-wild uses becoming widespread).


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