Re: CSS3 Web Fonts issue with ‘block on download’

Oli wrote:

> Is there anything else I can do to minimise this problem? If I include
> other CSS3 Web Fonts properties (2.6 Descriptors for Matching, 2.7
> Descriptors for Synthesis), are UAs planning to eventually use this
> data to create on-the-fly substitute fonts, or will fouc issues mean
> synthesised/matched fonts are only used as a last resort (rather than
> as an intermediary stage)?

I don't know of any user agent that has or plans to implement the
descriptors for font matching and synthesis listed in sections 2.6/2.7
of the old CSS3 Web Fonts spec.  As Thomas has mentioned algorithmic
synthesis is tricky indeed.

These have been removed in the current draft of the CSS3 Fonts spec:



Received on Friday, 8 May 2009 06:50:29 UTC