RE: "Re: [CSS21] rules="all" attribute specification and border-collapse property"

> As for expected results, I think the current state of affairs is to
> look at
> the relevant specs and apply some common sense to tie them together. In
> this
> case, my common sense says table { border-collapse: separate }
> shouldn't cause
> cell borders to disappear from a [rules=all] table.
Yes, I got that. However, given that border-collapse's initial value *is* separate then setting rules="all" on a table with no other style rule should not cause any of these borders to vanish either; yet that is what we see in the simplest case across IE8, Firefox and Opera. So if Patrick is correct i.e. IE7 and WebKit do it right, then three browsers have a bug to fix in this case. At the very least, I'd like to understand how our collective common senses all failed in the same way in this simple cas; given what has been said here, I don't understand why *that* rendering is logical or desirable. 

But all this really makes me want to go through all the border-collapse/rules cases, not just this one, so the story is complete. I can't yet offer an ETA though.

Received on Monday, 4 May 2009 21:50:32 UTC