RE: "Re: [CSS21] rules="all" attribute specification and border-collapse property"

>Sylvain, I replied in bug 409470. There is nothing in the spec that
>indicates that rules="all" should *force* or should trigger
>border-collapse: collapse model. IE 8 rendering is illogical. If
>border-collapse: separate is the default browser declaration, then why
>declaring rules="all" should switch the border-collapse? It's not
Gerard, I know you have. But you're not answering my question.

I tried a simple :

<table rules="all">

The border color in IE is lighter but the result is otherwise the same across the latest releases of IE, Firefox and Opera. So I am not asking why or whether border-collapse:collapse is better or worse for rules="all", or what is/isn't in the spec. I am asking : what about IE8's rendering is less logical and/or worse than that implemented by two other browser vendors ? I'm fine with you singling out IE as long as I understand what is specific to IE for the issue being reported. 

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