Re: CSS implementation status reports (and a first one from Mozilla)

On Mar 24, 2009, at 9:39 PM, Faruk Ateş wrote:
> This property, along with several others, appears to have its model  
> layer work implemented in the current / latest Firefox beta, but the  
> view layer (e.g. rendering engine) doesn't do anything at all for  
> them.

Curse me for coding way past my bedtime and drawing incorrect  
conclusions. Turns out border-image does seem to work just fine.  
Apologies for that.

A remaining case that I am seeing right now is FF3.0.7 and  text- 
shadow. I'm talking off-list with Boris on that now; perhaps this  
thread could be used for discussion on a policy regarding implementing  
new CSS3 features and when to expose them to the DOM?

- Faruk

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