Re: CSS implementation status reports (and a first one from Mozilla)

On Mar 19, 2009, at 7:23 AM, L. David Baron wrote:

> css3-background
> …
>  border-image (with prefix)
>  …

This property, along with several others, appears to have its model  
layer work implemented in the current / latest Firefox beta, but the  
view layer (e.g. rendering engine) doesn't do anything at all for them.

Is this going to be synced up to be more reliable? Either in a next  
beta release or do we have to wait until the final release?

My concern is that exposing the API, if you will, to things that don't  
*actually* work yet is making feature-detection nigh on impossible.  
I'd much rather have the implementation there and the API not exposed  
yet, than the other way around—which is what I'm currently  
encountering in Firefox 3.1b3.

In contrast, Webkit currently supports a few things completely but the  
API to feature-detect them is incomplete. I much prefer this as it  
makes feature detection more robust and reliable, as opposed to risky,  
fragile and unreliable.

Any elaboration on this is much welcomed :)


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