Template-Based Positioning

Regarding template-based positioning...


Right now the spec works by overloading the display property with the  
layout and the position property with letters.  It seems like tacking  
"-webkit-" in front of these display/position values would be really  
strange.  I have the following suggestions to make regarding the  
syntax to make it easier to provide an experimental implementation  
(and to provide some clarity as well):

(1) Just make the display property take a new value: grid-template.
	display: grid-template

(2) Add a new grid-template property that takes the layout string.

(3) Modify the position property to be more clear that content is  
going into a slot.  Something along the lines of
	position: slot(a)

	instead of just

	position: a

Then vendors could implement this as:

display: -webkit-grid-template
-webkit-grid-template: ....;
position: -webkit-slot(a);


Received on Tuesday, 17 March 2009 23:16:25 UTC