Re: [css3-mediaqueries] feedback on device-aspect-ratio, aspect-ratio and orientation

On Wed, 03 Dec 2008 19:33:51 +0900, Anne van Kesteren <>  
> On Thu, 30 Oct 2008 19:31:32 +0100, Dean Jackson <> wrote:
>> We are interested in these features, but request changes.
>> aspect-ratio and device-aspect-ratio
>> ------------
>> We think these should take a number (float) rather than a ratio  
>> (defined as a string). While ratio gives the same result it doesn't  
>> seem worth introducing a new type just for these queries.
>> Also, the spec should be clear wether or not it is talking about the  
>> physical dimensions (and, as such, give an example without square  
>> pixels).
> This syntax has been stable for over six and half year (for  
> device-aspect-ratio). Do we really want to fiddle with that? (There are  
> two implementations too.)

We don't. The WG decided to not change the syntax.

> If we do anything with these features I'd rather drop them completely at  
> this point as I still haven't heard a convincing use case for them  
> (other than the one orientation addresses).

The WG decided to keep the features.

>> orientation
>> -----------
>> We think this should be defined using an angle and allow min/max  
>> prefixes. The spec can say that an implementation should report the  
>> angle to the best of its ability.
> What's the use case for that?

If the use case here is for things like games etc. the WG thinks this  
would be better addressed with a dedicated API. orientation is  
specifically meant for portrait versus landscape.

> (My apologies for the belated reply, I've been climbing mountains and  
> did some travelling for Opera not related to my main job.)

Anne van Kesteren

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