Comments on css3-multicol

The following are comments to the yesterday (30/06) css3-multicol Last Call WD.

1) The title is still "CSS3 module: Multi-column layout"

Hadn't the WG decided to adopt consistent naming and in particular to
avoid saying CSS3?

If yes, it should be called "CSS Multi-column Layout Module" or "CSS
Multi-column Layout Module Level 3" (although I guess that Level 3 is
only for features that did exist in level 2)

2) About column-rule-color:
Why UAs are required only to support CSS2 colors?
If the goal is to avoid the burden of hsl / rgba / SVG colors,
shouldn't that be delegated to a reduced profile?

3) About column breaks

    3.a) At the beginning of section 5, replace desrciption with description

    3.b) Is it possible to avoid a column break while still allow a page break?
Is the intended effect like:

| a bcd efg hij |                |
| lmn opq rst u |                |

/ page break, but content remains in the same column /

| rst uvw xyz ab|                |
| cde fgh ijk l |                |

    3.c) What about margin and collapsing of them?
If you're delegating all (not just properties) to css3-page, you
should say that explicitly.

4) About overflow inside and outside the multicolum element,

    4.a) you should insert some examples of non-floated, overflowing,
clipped element (maybe inlines with long words)

    4.b) what happens if a non-floated element overflows vertically?
Is it still clipped regardless of overflow? Can implementations put
scrollbars, if overflow asks so?

    4.c) what happens if Example XVIII has an element that floats on
the rigth? Is the element clipped (showing only the right part), does
the element intrude (ignoring the side of the float), does overflow

    4.d) if there are more columns than available, are scrollbars
rendered when overflow:auto / scroll?

5) Section conformance names a "column-grid-image", but no definition
is provided in the document.

Hoping that this issue will be fixed soon


Received on Wednesday, 1 July 2009 13:19:57 UTC