Re: @page margin boxes and text-decoration

Hi fantasai,

> The new draft explicitly uses the normal inheritance mechanism to
> propagate values from @page to @margin-box.

Right, that looks good.

> CSS2.1 says that "for all other elements, the decorations are propagated
> to an anonymous inline box that wraps all the in-flow inline children of
> the element, and to any block-level in-flow descendants". It looks like
> we'll need to specify in css3-page that @margin-boxes are to be considered
> descendants of the @page box.

Personally I would prefer not to, as there are other page regions 
(including the page body area itself) where the text-decoration would 
not apply, and it seems easier to leave it out.



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Received on Monday, 19 January 2009 23:12:07 UTC