Re: [css3-page][css-multicol] break at odd, even and empty pages

Grant, Melinda wrote:

> That seems the most desirable default behavior, so if we add 'odd', 
> 'even', 'recto', and 'verso', that behavior should extend to those 
> values as well, IMO.  We may need to add additional controls in the 
> future to allow a series of blank pages, but I haven't heard strong use 
> cases elucidated for that yet.

I have an example from a book which I am currently typesetting.
Sections (which are like small chapters) are required to
open recto, but the design of a normal section page is
derived from the design of an opening section page (or
vice versa) and it is therefore undesirable for a
section to finish verso and the next section to open
recto on the same spread (because the two designs are
too similar, and when seen on opposite sides of a spread
look bad).  Thus a section that finishes verso must
be followed by two blank pages rather than zero.

Philip Taylor

Received on Tuesday, 14 April 2009 17:00:18 UTC