Re: [Backgrounds/Borders] Request to remove no-clip value from background-clip

David Hyatt wrote:
> I'd like to request that the value of no-clip on background-clip be 
> dropped from the backgrounds/borders draft.  The behavior seems somewhat 
> arbitrary to me, and it can create some really bizarre visual overflow 
> situations.  I'd love to see a use case for it, as implementing this 
> value is going to be rather complicated.... allowing boxes to have 
> visual overflow as a result of background images is a step I don't want 
> to take unless there's a really compelling reason to do so.

The feature is currently marked at-risk, meaning it will simply
be dropped if there isn't enough implementor interest; lack of
implementation will not hold up the module. I would prefer to
leave it in the draft for now, in case an implementor later
finds it relevant. Let me know if this is acceptable.

As for use cases, I'm not a graphics person, so I can't really
draw you a convincing example. But designers often like to break
the visual box, and this gives them an easy way to do it without
messing with extra markup and/or negative margins. Brad drew an
example of this for border-image. Using background images gives
even more control over the placement of the graphical elements.


Received on Thursday, 9 April 2009 19:01:04 UTC