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[css3-color] XSL FO SG comments on "CSS Color Module Level 3" WD

From: Tony Graham <Tony.Graham@MenteithConsulting.com>
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 19:04:51 +0100
To: www-style@w3.org
Cc: w3c-xsl-fo-sg@w3.org
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The XSL FO Subgroup reviewed the CSS Color Module Level 3 WD

The following comments are editorial only.


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 - The capitalisation of the titles of sections, 4.5, 4.5.1, 8,
   and 9 is inconsistent with the majority of the titles.


 - "color related properties" should be "color-related properties".

Status of This Document

 - In the 'interoperable' definition, "must one or more" should be "must
   be one or more".

1. Introduction

 - "color related properties" should be "color-related properties".

2. Dependencies

 - The links to other CSS3 modules don't work when the spec is printed.

3.1 Foreground color: the ‘color’ property

 - The two uses of "color:inherit" (the other is in section 4.4) are the
   only declarations that do not have a space after 'color:'.  While
   allowed by CSS syntax, this is inconsistent with the other examples.

 - There is no Example I or Example II.

3.1.1 Gamma correction

 - How to set gamma correction on different operating systems should be
   in a note or in an informative appendix.

 - How to populate a lookup table should be in a note.

3.2 Transparency: the ‘opacity’ property

 - "thought of conceptually" is a tautology.

4.1 HTML4 color keywords

 - Should the document be consistent and use either only uppercase or
   only lowercase for A-F (or a-f) in numerical color specifications?

4.2.2 RGBA color values

 - Using 'new' in "specify new effects that are now possible with the
   new rgba() notation" will be incorrect when CSS3 is no longer new.
   (Also in section

 - There should be a reference to where to find the 'CSS forward
   compatibility parsing rules'.

4.2.3 ‘transparent’ color keyword

 - There should be a comma after "rgba(0,0,0,0)".

4.2.4 HSL color values

 - What is the "something similar" in "internalizing how to translate
   hue, saturation and lightness, or something similar"?

 - "[0,360)" indicates a range exclusive of 360.  The notation is not
   commonplace and should be explained.  Also, the notations for this
   range and for the "0..1" range used later in the section (and the
   "0..255" ranges in section 4.2.1) are not consistent.

 - There is a parenthesis missing in "((x mod 360) + 360) mod 360)".

 - How to populate a lookup table should be in a note.

 - It is not clear why an inverted exclamation mark is being used to
   represent degrees.  (It was also not clear that they were inverted
   exclamation marks until I looked at the page source.)

4.4 'currentColor' color keyword

 - "‘flood-color’, ‘lighting-color’" should be "‘flood-color’, and
   ‘lighting-color’" (or "‘flood-color’ and ‘lighting-color’", depending
   on how you feel about commas).

4.5 CSS System Colors

 - The only content is in section 4.5.1.  This title should be removed,
   and section 4.5.1 should become section 4.5.

4.5.1 CSS2 System Colors

 - "pre-defined" should be "predefined".

 - It is not clear (unless it's for historical reasons) why the
   definition of the computed value of a System Color keyword ("The
   computed value of a System Color keyword value is the keyword
   itself.") is a note but similar statements for 'transparent' and
   'currentColor' keywords are not notes.
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