Re: [css3] "keep aspect ratio" feature

> Or perhaps even prop(['selector',] name) -- one might want to get at
> properties on a different element entirely.  (I think this is more
> likely than for attr().)
> zw
This is a good idea. But there are still some issues that have to be solved.

   1. How should we handle a "circular dependency"?
   #my-golden-ratio {
      width: height(26%);
      height: width(26%);
   Would it make sense to just ignore it?
   2. Having CSS to copy values of other elements could be a performance
   problem for the UAs.
   I'm not an expert in this subject, but you could imagine a site where all
   elements want the values from other elements. The UA would have to calculate
   the appearance, size, position and float of all elements, at once! This
   might be a little extreme, but think about it.
   Most UAs (at least from what I've heard) is that they render page
   asynchronously. If an element with a value from another element at the
   bottom of the page, what then? should it wait, and then re-render that
   element when it knows the value?
   Or is this a non-issue?

Hilsen Henrik Enggaard Hansen

Received on Friday, 21 November 2008 07:50:07 UTC