Re: [css3-selectors] Elements that can have :focus pseudo-class

On Monday 2008-11-17 17:46 -0800, Brad Kemper wrote:
> On Nov 17, 2008, at 3:50 PM, Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@MIT.EDU> wrote:
>> I don't think :root:focus is the right way to do this.  Again, because 
>> it already means something, and its behavior would change all of a 
>> sudden.
> Does it mean anything that makes a difference? Are you concerned that  
> people will have rules in their stylesheets with :root:focus where it  
> doesn't currently have any effect? Isn't :root supposed to always refer 

I think the concern is that people have ":focus" in their style
sheets (not ":root:focus"), so changing when ":focus" matches the
root element will have undesired results.


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