Re: [css3-selectors] Elements that can have :focus pseudo-class

Brad Kemper wrote:
> Ah yes. And the reason for that convention?

Predates the existence of a DOM at all.  In particular, the on* method 
of binding event handlers dates back to at least Netscape 3.  At the 
time there was no real behavior/rendering distinction between the 
<body>, the <html>, and the window.  This can be seen in terms of areas 
used for event delivery, sizing of <body>/<html>, treatment of 
backgrounds, treatment of CSS sizing in some UAs, etc, etc.

Since then, the need to implement a DOM and the way the CSS/DOM/HTML 
specs are written has forced those Siamese triplets to be separated, but 
to keep them from dying some rerouting of bodily fluids was inserted in 
the process.  That doesn't mean we need to add new tubes between the 
three to address use cases that come up now.


P.S.  Sorry about the bad metaphor; couldn't resist.

Received on Sunday, 16 November 2008 20:39:18 UTC