Images, Tables, and Mysterious Gaps

Currently, images in table-cells gain "mysterious gaps", which is in 
line with CSS (2.1). This is true for the "Full Standard Modes" 
available in modern browsers, but ignored in "Almost Standard Modes", 
also available in modern browsers including Internet Explorer 8.

I personally think the two modes should be merged into one. And I'm not 
alone with this opinion.

There are some proposals to achieve this, but they'll need the help of 
the CSS WG.

1. Simply remove Almost Standard Modes from browsers

CON: A lot of websites would break, because they need this quirk.
CON: browser vendors already stated that this won't happen.

2. Make table-cell shrink-wrapping a (X)HTML exception in CSS

PRO: CSS takes care of backwards compat with existing web content while 
existing XML content won't be changed.
CON: Eceptions cause confusion as seen with the body element exception 
defined by CSS 2.1
CON: XHTML sent as application/xhtml+xml currently doesn't render this 

3. Make CSS table-cells shrink-wrap in any case

PRO: Compat with existing web content.
PRO: Little (if any) content relies on table-cells not to shrink wrap.
CON: There surely was a reason behind the current definition.

This is the proposal I like the most, as I don't see many problems with it.

I know, this is an issue that won't be easily fixed. But it should be 
solved nontheless. Neither browser vendors nor authors are happy with 
having multiple modes. Authors are acutally confused by just two modes.

Kind Regards, Daniel.

Received on Saturday, 15 November 2008 13:46:26 UTC