Re: CSS3 @font-face / EOT Fonts - new compromise proposal

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 10:37 AM, Philip TAYLOR <> wrote:

> Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>> [R]estricting ourselves to *only* free fonts on the web *is* a viable
>> fallback position that would make us web designers happy, and could be
>> implemented without controversy.
> No it would not, Tab.  It might make you happy; it might
> make Dave Crossland happy; but it would not make /all/
> web designers happy by any means, so unless you meant by
> "/we/ font designers" the subset of all font designers
> that would be happy to use only free fonts, then I am
> afraid that your assertion is demonstrably incorrect.

No, I mean it quite literally.  Our level of happiness would be strictly
increased by allowing only free font linking, because right now we have *no*
font linking.  We would be happy with this.  We would by *happier* with
commercial fonts as well, but *any* font-linking is an improvement that
would make our lives better.

If you have no cake, then a bite of cake makes you happy (if you prefer
relative terms, "happier than before").  A whole slice would be better, but
that bite is still better than no cake at all.


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