Re: CSS3 @font-face / EOT Fonts - new compromise proposal

2008/11/12 Levantovsky, Vladimir <>:
> One part of the compromise solution is using access control
> instead of the root strings

Thanks for clarifying this.

> the second part is font data compression that can also serve as
> obfuscated font format. I believe we are in agreement that serving
> compressed fonts on the web (and, thus, reducing bandwidth and
> storage requirements) would be equally beneficial when using both
> commercial and free fonts.

(Please distinguish free fonts from proprietary fonts; free fonts are
often developed commercially eg Ascender's Liberation and Droid)

ROC suggested using gzip as the compression+obfuscation, or
developeing an unpatented split-stream font compression method. As a
foundry, would Monotype support either of these compression schemes as
"good enough" obfuscation?


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