RE: CSS3 @font-face / EOT Fonts - new compromise proposal

For my own education - how do you get around this when similar issues
occur with other technologies that are patent-protected and licensed
according W3C RF policy?
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		Levantovsky, Vladimir wrote:

			   This is exactly the point! The fact that the
compression algorithm
			   is patent-protected makes no difference for
any applications
			   (browsers, web tools, you name it) that
implement W3C Recommendation
			   - it's been offered on W3C RF terms. OSes
will never see compressed

		It prevents the use of GPLed (V2, at least) code in
those browsers, as
		GPLed code must be licenced for all uses, not just for
web browser use;
		the only let out in GPL is that you can restrict
distribution to
		countries that don't enforce the patent royalties. 

	This is correct. We (Mozilla) could not accept field-of-use
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