RE: [gcpm] border-parts

Håkon said:
> How about:
>   page()
>     The element is floated to a named page, which is created for the
>     purpose of showing the element. The new named page should appear
>     as early as possible while still honoring the 'next' keyword.

I agree the preferred behavior should be to present it as early in the page stream as possible.  We may find more reasons that it must be delayed, so I would lose the 'while' clause as superfluous. Also if we're going to allow multiple items to flow to the same named page, it won't be new anymore.  And the element may not all resolve to a single page sheet.  How about:

        The element is floated to one or more page sheets styled according to the named page, which are created
        for the purpose of showing the element. Such floated pages are printed as immediately after the page from
        which they are displaced as possible.  If this element is not the first page float to be displaced from this page
        area to this page name, its contents should begin on the last page sheet of the floated page sequence previously
        established (unless precluded, for example by page-breaking properties).

... And add the example of float: 'top next page'...?

Floats are treated specially in many contexts (stacking leaps to mind), so there may be exceptions to general float behavior that need to be carved out for these somewhat different 'floats'.  That would apply to page floats in general, I think.

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Received on Wednesday, 5 November 2008 21:04:35 UTC