Re: [gcpm] border-parts

Also sprach Brad Kemper:

 > Well then, I would like to see it (or something like it) be put back  
 > in, to make this proposal more widely usable, and to help satisfy a  
 > larger demand (without having a separate proposal for "dash-parts"  
 > that is almost identical). What about about a keyword that makes the  
 > entire pattern into a repeating pattern, instead of just sections of  
 > it? like { border-parts: 20px 10px 0 1fr, repeat }

This is idendtical to 'border-parts: repeat(20px 10px 0 1fr)' in the
previous proposal, it seems.

The problem is the competition that appears between repeat and
fractions. We think of fractions as eating up the leftover space.
However, 'repeat' is also very good at eating leftovers and this makes
fractions go towards 0.

When used separately, both mechanisms have merit.

But I don't see them working well together on the same property.

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Received on Wednesday, 5 November 2008 16:54:16 UTC