RE: [webfonts] pixel-perfection

Also sprach Sergey Malkin:

 > > Any font detectives out there?

 > There are three different sets of metrics in OpenType font, they
 > are used separately, in combination, or with heuristics by
 > different systems/applications. I tried to take Starburst and
 > calculate expected rendering in case browsers use different
 > metrics.
 > Safari rendering matches "typo" and "mac" font metrics. This is
 > what MacOS uses. GDI(Windows) is returning "Win" metrics, and this
 > matches behavior of two other browsers. If browser is using
 > whatever is provided by font system on hosting OS, this would
 > explain difference in its behavior on Windows and Mac.

Thank you, Sergey, you're a wonderful detective!

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Received on Monday, 3 November 2008 22:03:32 UTC