Re: [CSS 21] overflow:hidden adjacent to a float

Alan Gresley wrote:
> I disagree here Boriz. These site must break or you render 
> overflow:hidden useless for authors to use when these these elements are 
> adjacent to floats.

You're welcome to your opinion; I'm just pointing out that with a 
fixed-width parent (which is not the case in Ingo's testcase!) the 
narrowing needs to happen if UAs are going to implement the spec.  No 
one _likes_ it, that I know of, but it's needed if users will actually 
use the browser.

With a shrink-to-fit parent, as here, I agree that it might make sense 
to increase the shrink-to-fit width appropriately, if someone can figure 
out a sane behavior for it.


Received on Tuesday, 20 May 2008 18:53:15 UTC