Re: [CSS 21] overflow:hidden adjacent to a float

David Woolley wrote:
> Alan Gresley wrote:
>> Boris, what websites depend on a behavior that is clearly undefined? 
> Most?  Most sites are designed empirically, based on the behaviour of a 
> particular browser (or are cut and pasted from such sites) rather than 
> from an understanding of what the specification actually says.  Sites 
> rely on undefined behaviour or are reckless as to whether or not it is 
> undefined.
> That's precisely why there is so much demand in the web world for all 
> "invalid" constructs to have precisely defined behaviour (or as I would 
> see it, for there to be no invalid or undefined constructs).

If an author chooses to have a base layout such as:

<div style="float:left">
 <div style="float: left">
 <div style="overflow: hidden; margin-left: 200px">
  <div style="float:left">
  <div> .... </div>

Then they will need to learn how to send different style rules to every 
major version of every implementation such as:

Gecko 1.7
Gecko 1.8
Gecko 1.9

Opera 8.50
Opera 9.10
Opera 9.50

Safari 3


It's possible to do such a thing but why should this have to be done in 
the first place?


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