Re: [CSSWG] Resolutions 2008-05-07

fantasai wrote:

>   - Description of www-style in 
>     to be updated so that first paragraph reads:
>       This mailing list is for technical discussion on Cascading Style 
> Sheets
>       (CSS) and its specifications. All posts to this list must be about 
> the
>       development of the CSS specification itself. This list is also the
>       preferred place for discussing working drafts that are published 
> by W3C's
>       CSS Working Group.

Could you indicate what the actual change is?

The only difference I can see between the quote and the link is that the 
link has technical discussions in the plural.  I'd guess, therefore, 
that the change has already been made and that there is a typo in one of 
the versions.

David Woolley
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